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Twenga, one of the top 5 shopping platforms (comScore, 2011), is an online customer acquisition channel that you can’t afford to ignore.
affinitAD opens new channels to promote your product offers and reach new prospective qualified customers.
Increase your sales opportunities.

1. A high quality publisher network

Our network of high quality content partner sites is constantly expanding. Each site is approved manually by our team and respects editorial guidelines.
Carefully selected and tracked.

2. A valuable service for your readers

We create deep links to specific product pages on merchant's websites. These clear and simple links lead to greater user confidence and higher conversion rates.
Capture users that have an affinity with your products.

3. A network open to all merchants

If you are an independent merchant and would like to be part of our network, sign up to our Twenga Ready To Sell programme
More than 3,000 merchants are already with us.

4. A network compatible with affiliate programmes

If you already work with an affiliate platform and you would like to work with affinitAD by Twenga, please check whether we are accepted by your platform’s programme.
Get in contact with your platform.

5. A network that responds to new consumer trends

In order to capture potential buyers it is vital that online retailers are visible during the information search phase before buying decisions are made.
Our solution "seamlessly" integrates with published sites and ensures increased visibility and quality traffic.
Be present on the sites that talk about your products.

Our clients

"For us, the Twenga solution perfectly complements our advertising: while being inobtrusive and perfectly targeted, it enables us to easily increase our revenue without negatively impacting the user experience."
Jamie Chalmere - Mister X Stich

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